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January 2020
The Hummingbird
Real Self Care for Mothers
Your Amazing Body – Ouch! I Cut My Thumb!


February 2020
A Healthy Nervous System
Living In the Gift
Your Amazing Body – There’s Something Going Around




January 2019
The Vital Adjustment
Injury and ADHD
Your Amazing Body – “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot…”


February 2019
Colic and the Nervous System
Childhood Fevers
Your Amazing Body – Hands Hearts Everywhere


March 2019
Understanding Chiropractic
Your Amazing Body – What Did We Do Before Waze?


April 2019
Why Chiropractic Care for Baby?
Be Still, Mumma
Your Amazing Body – This Little Piggy Went to the Market


May 2019
Chiropractic and Athletes
Clarity on the Webster Technique in Pregnancy
Your Amazing Body – Cool Things You Can Do with Your Brain


June 2019
Your Amazing Body: First One to Blink Loses
Nursing Posture and Its Role in Sympathetic Overload
Discover Chiropractic: Safety of Chiropractic Care for Children


July 2019
Well Being: Effects of Maternal Stress on Infants
Discover Chiropractic: Why Chiropractic Works


August 2019
Your Amazing Body: Turn That Frown Upside Down
Well-Being: Can Chiropractic Treat Conditions?
Discover Chiropractic: What is the Webster Technique?


September 2019
Your Amazing Body: Hey What’s for Dinner?
Discover Chiropractic: How the Chiropractic Adjustment Improves Body Function


October 2019
Discover Chiropractic: My Baby is Unsettled, How Chiropractic Helps
Well Being: Communication and Connection
Your Amazing Body: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’s’ Got Nothing On You


November 2019
Discover Chiropractic: A Family Discovers Chiropractic
Well Being: Going Beyond Organic
Your Amazing Body – Time for Bed + Kids


December 2019
Why Chiropractic Works
Effects of Maternal Stress on Infants
Your Amazing Body – Are You Turning into a Unicorn?




January 2018
Chiropractic Connections
The Benefits of Laughter
Your Amazing Body: Who Will You Be In 2018


February 2018
Chiropractic vs treatment
Early Food Trauma can Affect Our Brain Decades Later
Your Amazing Body: Do Skunks Celebrate Valentines


March 2018
Interference at Birth
The Nature of Disease
Your Amazing Body: Green Eggs and Ham
Research: Pregnancy and Chiropractic Satisfaction


April 2018
The Difference an Adjustment Makes
Are We Medicating What it Means to be a Child
Your Amazing Body: How Special Are You
Research: What about children


May 2018
How To Describe Birth
Nurture the Nervous System, Nourish the Baby
Your Amazing Body: Take a Deep Breath


June 2018
Breaking Through ADHD with Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic and Birth as We Know It
Your Amazing Body: Yanny Or Laurel


July 2018
Infant Sleep and Chiropractic
Do Big Babies Require C-Section
Your Amazing Body: No More Pencils


August 2018
Sympathetic Dominance and Chiropractic
Parenting with the Chiropractic Philosophy
Your Amazing Body: What’s Your Favorite Organ


September 2018
Chiropractic Journey Into Motherhood
Greater Community through Chiropractic
Your Amazing Body: You get a haircut


October 2018
The Case for Improved Function
The Importance of the Vagus Nerve
Your Amazing Body: Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater


November 2018
Journey Into Motherhood
Chiropractic and Sleep
Your Amazing Body: The Nose Knows


December 2018
Chiropractic for Infants and Children
Your Amazing Body: Happy Holidays




January 2017
The Heart Brain
Legend of the Kefir Grain
Happy New Year!!!


February 2017
Healing from Within
Nutrition: 3 Concepts to Contemplate
By My Valentine


March 2017
More than a Misalignment
For the Love of Vegetables
Your Amazing Body: Spring Has Sprung


April 2017
The Wholeness of Chiropractic
Children and Vegetables
Your Amazing Body: “Aa Aa ACHOO!!!”


May 2017
Chiropractic and Immunity
Nutrients, Micronutrients, and Beyond
Your Amazing Body: “Thanks Mom!”


June 2017
Can Chiropractors Turn Breech Babies?
Birth – What are the Philosophical Questions?
Kids: Life Lessons from Beauty and the Beast


July 2017
The Social Vagus


August 2017
Can Chiropractic Improve How the Body Handles Stress
How to Describe Birth to a First-Time Pregnant Woman
Your Amazing Body: Activate Your Nervous System for an Exciting School Year


September 2017
Inside Healing – Smarter than a Bandage
New Attitude Toward Fevers
Your Amazing Body: Line Up Kids
Research Pregnant Women and Midwives


October 2017
Early Warning Signs – Will you Listen or Suffer the Consequences
Polyvagal Theory
Your Amazing Body Trick or Treat
Research Parental Satisfaction with the Chiropractic Care of their Children


November 2017
Chiropractic and Kids
Dont Worry Eat Happy
Your Amazing Body- Your Body is Smart


December 2017
Reboot Your Nervous System for Optimum Performance
What is Heart Coherence
Your Amazing Body: If You’re Happy and You Know It




January 2016
Adjusting to a New Life
Helping Children Learn to Love Nutritional Foods
Kiro Tales Episode 1


February 2016
Why Chiropractic Care is Being Recommended for Ear Infections
Warming Winter Smoothie
Raise Your Hand If Youre a Genius


March 2016
Sensory Issues and Chiropractic
Duped by Toothpaste
HEY Look at that


April 2016
Bring Back the Balance
Weeds in the Garden
Kids: Hold that Bus


May 2016
Chiropractic and the Fourth Trimester
Mouth Breathing
Kids: Too Hot Too Cold Just Right


June 2016
Why Chiropractic Helps With Breastfeeding
Solar Radiance Re-Establishing Our Core Connection
Kids: There’s Nobody Quite Like You
Research Chiropractic Care for Children is Safe, Gentle and Effective


July 2016
A Touch to Heal
Warm Water & Lemon- Why You Should Drink It at the Start of Every Day
Kids: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream
Research:Chiropractic Care for Safer, Easier Births


August 2016
Conventional Allopathic vs Alternative Holistic Healthcare
Ear Infections in Kids
Kids: Get Your Finger Out of Your Nose
Research: Chiropractic Adjustments Resolve Infertility


September 2016
Truama and Physical Stressors
Opting Out: The Moral Right
Kids: Back to School Time! (Sleep)
Research: Ear Infection, Constipation, & Sleep Disturbance Resolves After Adjustments


October 2016
7 Ways to Heal
Why Infants Need Chiropractic Care
Kids: Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem…Kids’ Bones
Research: Breastfeeding+Difficulties+Resolve+After+Chiropractic+Care


November 2016
You Don’t Believe in Chiropractic? I’d Rather You Understand It
Beyond Organic
Kids: Legs- Two Great Things to Be Thankful For
Research: Chiropractic Resolves Constipation and Bed Wetting


December 2017
How Chiropractic Honors the Health of Your Child
First the Chicken, Then the Egg

Kids: Is it Superman




January 2015
Genius of the Unborn Child
Soy – Oh Boy Things to Consider About This Not Always Healthy “Health” Food


February 2015
Kids Out of Balance
The 3 Most Important Food Categories Nobody Talks About


March 2015
Kids and Chiropractic: A Growing Trend
Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid – Like the Plague


April 2015
“Growing Pains” and Chiropractic Care
The Sugar Beast – Why You Want to Conquer It


May 2015
The Growing Role of Chiropractic in Childbirth Education
Debunking the Myth…Eating Healthy Takes Too Much Time


June 2015
The New Wellness Care for Children
Debunking the Myth…Health Food is Too Expensive


July 2015
Real Change
More Fresh Fruit, Less Refined Sugar


August 2015
All Your Health Solutions, As Simple as I Can Put It
Meal Planning & Making Healthy Foods Available


September 2015
Beyond School Scoliosis Screenings
Got Fresh Veggies? How to Prepare Them for Quick Easy Access All Week Long


October 2015
Designed for Hope How Chiropractic Honors the Health Already Within Your Child
Fats, Oils, Nuts, & Seeds


November 2015
Baby Crawling: How Important It Really Is
Emotional Eating


December 2015
Nerve System Function and Wellness
Healthy Dietary Lifestyle Habits





January 2014
Thoughts Traumas and Toxins: Three Causes of Subluxation
If It’s Not Food Don’t Eat It


February 2014
Chiropractic and Ear Infections: What We Offer Makes a Difference


March 2014
What Can Chiropractic Do For Your Child?
MSG – The Hidden Health Robber


April 2014
Webster Technique: A Sought After Technique for Pregnant Women
Children and Eating for Health


May 2014
Coordinating the Function
Are Stimulants Stealing Your Energy?


June 2014
Breastfeeding Difficulties and Chiropractic
Hormones, Pesticides & GMO’s – What You Need to Know About These Harmful Substances


July 2014
Nerve System Function and Wellness
Tips for Helping Kids Eat Healthier – Even the Toughest Cases


August 2014
Ease Into Wellness
Are Food Allergies and Sensitivities Hijacking Your Family’s Health


September 2014
Breaking the Cycle of the Rat Race
Identifying Food Sensitivities


October 2014
Adjusting Infants
Eating Healthy When Eating Out


November 2014
Chiropractic and Pelvis Pain in Pregnancy
Bottled Water Full of Health or Full of Hype


December 2014
Are Your Kids In Need of Chiropractic
Finding Your Natural Weight


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